Fisher Island Gourmet Market

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Gourmet Market

There's more to Fisher Island's gourmet market than just its variety of foods and spices available for purchase. It's here where you'll also find the Trattoria restaurant, located near the Fisher Island Marina. Trattoria features some of the best homemade pizza in South Florida plus great pasta, all in a waterfront setting overlooking Biscayne Bay.

As for the gourmet market, it means you may never have to leave Fisher Island should you ever find yourself looking for the right ingredients to host a dinner party. From the deli to the salad bar, it's got everything you need.

La Trattoria and the Gourmet Market are both open every day, the former from 11:30AM-10:00PM and the latter opening at 7:00AM and closing at 10:00PM. The salad bar opens at 11AM and closes at 3:00PM while the deli closes at 9:30PM.

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