Interesting Facts Regarding Fisher Island

Interesting Facts Regarding Fisher Island

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Interesting Facts Regarding Fisher Island

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Despite its strong aura of mystique because of its privacy, Fisher Island manages to make major headlines and is frequently featured in many notable publications. For example, Forbes published a news story about it last year, highlighting many interesting facts about the wealthy island community.

Fisher Island is located to the south of Miami Beach and east of Miami’s downtown area. Despite its relatively small size, the island is home to about 700 families that live along the island’s private shoreline or near the sprawling golf course, though many of them don’t live there full time. As of the 2010 census, it remains the richest zip code in the United States, with the median income being just over $1 million.

Looking closer into Fisher Island’s demographics, most of its residents are of domestic origin, consisting largely of major CEOs and financiers, although celebrities have also lived there, billionaire philanthropist Oprah Winfrey being one notable example. The rest of the residents are largely from abroad, hailing from countries like China and Russia. Just like the city of Miami, there is also a healthy amount of Latin American residents.

Fisher Island real estate is comprised mostly of multi-family apartments found along the beaches, though a few single-family mansions do exist. The units can cost more than $26 million while square footage often begins at 3,800 and can reach up to 10,000.

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