Fun Facts About Fisher Island

Fun Facts About Fisher Island

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Fun Facts About Fisher Island

Monday, March 27, 2017
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The aura of mystery that surrounds Fisher Island makes it one of the most intriguing communities in all of South Florida. With its secrets and mystique, these fun facts may help to familiarize you a little more with some of its unique qualities.

Its exclusivity. Based on the 2010 census, Fisher Island boasted the highest per capita income of all zip codes in the country, meaning it’s the richest city in the United States! Besides the lack of traditional vehicular access, only residents, their guests, club members, or hotel guests are allowed on the island. With the privacy and strict policy on visitors, it’s no wonder celebrities often choose Fisher Island.

The Vanderbilt Mansion. Named after William K. Vanderbilt II, the stunning estate officially debuted in 1941 and features guest cottages, a staff quarters, and even an airplane hangar! Today the mansion belongs to the Fisher Island Club & Hotel.

The many golf carts. Did you know golf carts are considered the preferred method to get around on Fisher Island? You’ll notice plenty of them around the island, and they’re a great way to enjoy the breezy ambiance.

The flora and fauna. Explore the island and you’re going to discover a vivid array of wildlife both large and small, from peacocks to iguanas, bunnies, and more. Bird lovers will love the Aviary Park and bird sanctuary.

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